We Make Solutions

Salem Plastic Products has been a manufacturer and distributer of POP merchandising products since 2010. We provide products such as plastic shelving strips, price tag holders, print protectors, and many more. We also create state-of-the-art custom plastic solutions for the retail, wholesale, automotive, electronics, and medical device and equipment industries. Please browse our retail products online or contact us to inquire about a custom solution. You can also view our case studies where we worked with customers to find solutions to solve their unique problems.


With our computer-controlled equipment and in-house tooling, we can supply the POP materials you need, on time.


Your unique situation may need a custom solution, and our capabilities go well beyond most companies in our industry.


We are capable of a full range of custom die cutting and related operations for all of your medical device needs.

Retail Solutions

Our POP merchandising products come in standard sizes and are compatible with other industry standard products. Most of our POP products can be customized to fit your specific needs and are available in  custom lengths, widths, and colors. Some products also have a custom printing option available. If you have questions regarding our retail products and pricing or our custom retail solutions, please contact us today, and we will do our very best to help you.


What our friends say...

We at Innovative Solutions in Aiken, SC have used Salem Plastics for a number of years for our plastic tag needs and they never disappoint. Quality products always on time and extremely fair pricing make dealing with Bobby and his staff a real pleasure.

We are a large medical device company that has used Salem Plastics for over 10 years to create a stamped plastic card which is used to hold our sterile device. When we started with Salem Plastics, we used a 10”x 10” plastic card, which their company processed. As our company expanded our business with Salem, we increased the size of the card to a 20”x 10” card. Salem Plastics was able to create this larger card on their existing machinery but felt they could produce a better quality product with a bigger press. Subsequently, they designed a larger press and expanded their facility to accommodate the new press to produce our card. As time passed, our requirements for a clean processing area were needed. Salem Plastics, again, stepped up to the challenge and added a clean processing area so they could deliver clean parts directly to our clean room.

We run over 100k pieces of product through Salem Plastics a year and keep a minimum amount of stock on hand so it is imperative that we keep track of product in the production pipeline. Salem Plastic proactively informs us of any upcoming shipment delays, cost changes or quality problems with the raw material for our products. This allows us to have samples to inspect and approve before shipments are made, insuring our schedules can be met and our pipeline is not affected.

We would love to add you to our list of happy customers. Please call or email us with any questions so we can help you with your POP merchandising and custom plastic solutions today.