About Us

Salem Plastic Products has been dedicated to providing high quality materials, competitive pricing, and consistent service and delivery since 2010. We specialize in making finished parts from plastic film for the retail, automotive, electronics, and medical device and equipment industries. Our processes include sheeting, slitting, rewinding, perforating, adhesive application, heat bending, die-cutting, thermoforming, printing, and hot stamping.

Our retail customers count on us for manufacturing and distribution of point-of-purchase products such as plastic shelving strips, price tag holders, print protectors, sign holders, and many other POP and merchandising materials. Our custom capabilities allow us to serve the needs of many other industries beyound our retail customers, such as automotive, electronics, and medical device and equipment industries. Our custom applications go well beyond most companies in our industry, so our equipment and processes are easily adaptable to custom projects. Whether it’s variations on our existing products or entirely new ones. No matter what industry you are in, Salem Plastic Products has solutions for you. Please contact us and let us help you with your unique requirements. From the moment you do business with us, you will realize the difference.

Our normal inventory consists of

  • rigid PVC in many colors, both opaque and transparent
  • clear rigid PVC in thicknesses from.0075” to .020”
  • high density polythene film in .020” to .030” thickness
  • FDA approved polypropylene film up to .035” thickness is stocked for medical parts

Most of our material is purchased directly from the manufacturer to keep our costs as low as possible. We also maintain relationships with a number of distributors for polyester, polycarbonate, Mylar A, PETG, RPET, and virtually any other film.

Over the years we have been successful because we are able to make the products our customer need with outstanding quality, on time, at reasonable cost. With our modern computer-controlled equipment, dedicated team of engineers, and in-house tooling, we can supply the products you need, when you need them.

The History Salem Plastic Products

Salem Plastic Products was incorporated in 2010, but we actually began long before then. In 1989 AT&T closed their Winston-Salem, NC plant and left many talented technical people that were unwilling to relocate, without jobs. Two senior staff engineers decided to try their hand at business at the urging of an upper level manager. Bob Bridges and Bob Tribble joined two other partners to start Salem Technologies, Inc. They soon found how tough business was as an electronics job shop. They struggled to survive early on and considered going out of business. Bob Bridges and Bob Tribble bought out their partners before finding a profitable long running job.

Soon after, a mutual friend needed help with his new plastics business. Simple machines were purchased and more complex machines and processes were developed in house. Over time a catalog was circulated and sales in retail began to grow. Advertising lead to opportunities with industrial and medical customers necessitating more sophisticated processes and machines.

In 2001 Salem Technologies built their own building & continued to pursue both plastics business and electronics business.

In 2010 the plastics division of Salem Technologies was spun off to the Bridges family while the Tribble family continued the electronics business in Winston Salem. Salem Plastic Products, Inc was born and moved to Thomasville, NC.