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Product ID: Colors-3.5in
Shelf Chip,Colors, 1.22" x .010" x 3.5"
Shelf Chip,Colors, 1.22" x .010" x 3.5"
The Shelf Chip you are considering has these qualities:
  •  Size: 1.22" standard width x 3.5" length
  •  0.010" thick
  •  Available in 11 colors. 
We manufacture the highest quality chips available.  Our process controls and raw material guarantee that you get chips that fit.  Custom sizes pose no problem for Salem Plastic Products, Inc.  Since we cut our own materials, we can quickly accommodate special requests at very competitive prices.
  • Three thicknesses of clear chips available: .0075", .010" and .015".
  • Solid and transparent chips available in .010 thickness material only.  
  • Standard 1.22" widths
  • Standard lengths from 2" to 4" in 1/4" increments
  • We will also mfr. chips in any non-standard length you require
  • Base price initially displayed is for 1,000 chips (minimum purchase).  Select the quantity you require, and price will adjust automatically.  Per chip price decreases as quanity increases.
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Price: $44.16

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