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Product ID: CT-1198
Shelf Chip, 1.22" x .010" x 3.0"
Shelf Chip, 1.22" x .010" x 3.0"
The Shelf Chip you are considering has these qualities:
  •  Size: 1.22" standard width x 3" length
  •  0.010" thick
  •  CLEAR
We manufacture the highest quality chips available.  Our process controls and raw material guarantee that you get chips that fit.  Custom sizes pose no problem forSalem Plastic Products, Inc .  Since we cut our own materials, we can quickly accommodate special requests at very competitive prices.
  • Three thicknesses of clear chips available: .0075", .010" and .015".
  • Solid and transparent chips available in .010 thickness material only.  
  • Standard 1.22" widths
  • Standard lengths from 2" to 4" in 1/4" increments
  • We will also mfr. chips in any non-standard length you require
  • As quantities increase, prices decrease.  Enter the quantity you require and add to cart for final pricing.
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Price: $34.51

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